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Swimming Pool Covers & Rollers

We have a large range of swimming pool blankets, covers & rollers designed for inground pools. Our solar blankets are scientifically tested to reduce evaporation. Using the sun’s heat, our pool blankets also greatly increase your pool’s ability to maintain warm water. Your pool will be warmer by up to 7.5 degrees).

During the summer months, swimming pools can lose thousands of litres of water. As well as the water loss, your expensive pool chemicals are also being evaporated.

With a pool cover, you can:

  • have a warmer pool
  • reduce evaporation
  • save money on water
  • save money on pool chemicals
  • keep out leaves, dirt and debris

Although not necessary, with a cover reel, your life will be easy when you want to use your pool. Simply roll up or un-roll the cover using the roller.

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